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Frustrated - Non-editable editable feature service

Question asked by Rizbee on Mar 2, 2015
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I am past the point of frustration.


I am trying to provide GIS support to a class at my university that is creating a food source map.  I have created a map and shared it to the class group. (Actually, I have no shared it to "Everyone" in order to make it easier to get help).  Here is the map:


The map contains a series of feature services.  The students in the class are supposed to click on the markers on the map (food stores), click on "Edit" and then enter data into several blank fields (ratings of the amount and quality of types of food in the stores).  For some feature services the "Edit" prompt appears, for others it does not.  I need help figuring out why or why not.


I created the feature services by importing CSV files into the map, saving the layers, then publishing the layers as feature services.  I have shared the layers and feature services to the class group.  I have gone into the details for each feature service and chose to make the service editable.  I have enabled editing on the layers in the map.  I have deleted the original imported layer and then "Added" the feature service.  Still I get some that work and some that do not.