Spatial Analyst keeps crashing...

Discussion created by jsnider@wwfcanada.org on Sep 8, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2010 by jsnider@wwfcanada.org
I have been using Spatial Analyst with my version of ArcInfo Desktop (9.3) routinely on my workstation for more than a year until recently, and now everytime I attempt geoprocessing using the Spatial Analyst Toolbox, in ArcMap, ArcCatalog or using Python, my ArcGIS now crashes. According to my Desktop Administrator the Spatial Analyst extension is available. I have even tried changing licence keys, but still it continues to crash.

Is there a process I can follow to determine whether or not the extension is actually being accessed correctly? Or, barring that, does anyone have a suggestion (hopefully beyond reinstalling 9.3)?

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