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ArcGIS Online edit layers - error after March 2015 update

Question asked by hft_stuttgart_emas_admin on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by hft_stuttgart_emas_admin

Hi all,

Ive been working with web-maps with different layer configuration for the last four months pretty much daily.

Lately I've noticed a very weird thing - after changing layer edit properties the whole layer becomes invisible (greyd out in the list) in a web-map. It can only be used for editing if no properties are changed after publishing.


It is a huge loss of functionality. I tried to find what Ive been doing differently, but I couldnt. I handled everything as always, but now - layer edit properties cannot be changed anymore. Plus, after publishing a service from ArcMap the edit propeties are not the selected ones.


I hope this can be fixed soon. Maybe there is a solution I havent found or new feature Im not aware of. Will be happy for all opinions / help. Since my workflow havent changed, I assume this is due to latest ArcGIS Online update this March.


Thanks much!