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Projection Files

Question asked by sheridangis on Mar 2, 2015

I loaded ArcGIS 10.3 recently, a jump from 10.2.2.

In the process I discovered something interesting.  We use many different projection files.  In the past I have used a text editor that allows me to do some specific replace request. 


For example the .PRJ files are one long string and it is hard to edit so I replaced "[" with a carriage return in front of it, in my case this was replace: [  with: ^P[


What this gave me was a file that went from

PROJCS["NAD_1983_Sheridan_Surface_SF-1.000235",GEOGCS["GCS_North_American_1983",DATUM . . . . .

to a file that looked like this:







I did this because it made finding the X, Y and Scale_Factor easier when editing them.


In the past ArcGIS has not had an issue with this format.  I have discovered with ArcGIS 10.3 it will not recognize the .PRJ file if there are "Carriage Returns" in it, although most of my other programs still do.  So I am going back through my stockpile of Projection files and removing the Carriage Returns now.


Interesting so I thought I would share.