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Publish Client for ArcGIS 10.2 - failing on Geoportal 1.2.4

Question asked by tracylemon on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by tracylemon

Hi Everyone,


I'm a little frustrated that this is no longer working. Before upgrading to 10.2 - I had the 10.0 publish client installed and was able to publish with not issues. After installed 10.2.2 and the 10.2 publish client I am now receiving the following error every time I try to publish data that used to go with no issues:





Cause : 1 = {


message: "Invalid metadata document.",


code: 409,


errors: [


"General Information - Metadata Language: is required.",




"Identification Information - Dataset Language: is required.",




"Identification Information - Contact for Resource - Contact Person is required.",




"Identification Information - Contact for Resource - Contact Position is required.",






I've tried to validate nothing seems to fix this issue. I have several hundred metadata records within SDE that I'd like to upload but cannot get this tool to work any longer and am super frustrated .BTW my metadata Style is set to North American Profile of ISO 19115 2003. Very little data will be published if I set the style to Item Description but does not contain enough information for the record to be of any use. It seems all the other styles fail when I try to publish other than Item Description.


Any thoughts?