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Bringing Attributes from One Roadway to Another: Transfer Attributes (Conflation Toolset)

Question asked by CharlesMingus on Mar 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by rfairhur24

I need to bring the attribute information from a DOT roadway shapefile (which has most of the needed attribute data) over to the NAVTEQ roadway shapefile (which is spatially more accurate and has more accurate connectivity). The roadways are slightly different spatially but when the DOT shapefile is buffered by 25 feet almost all the corresponding NAVTEQ roadways fall within that range. The two roadways do not have a  matching field to assist with joining (one lacks road names). I tried bringing the DOT attributes over to NAVTEQ using the Transfer Attributes tool ( which is part of the Conflation Toolset, however, the process did not work even with multiple adjustments including a variety of distances. The target feature (NAVTEQ) brings in the DOT roadway attribute fields but all of the values are null and the Output Matching Table is blank. I also couldn't get the Generate Rubbersheeting Link tool to work. Do you have any ideas of what the problem may be? Is there another tool or method that you would recommend that I pursue?