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Custom Popups using ArcGIS Online / Portal

Question asked by infotech.europe on Mar 2, 2015

Hi Everyone!


I am trying to migrate an existing system which uses HTMl to define the popup information, to our ESRI solution which uses Web App Builder & Portal.


I know the new workflow is to define Popups through Portal, but our popups use the Google Charts API - some of these can be embedded as URL images, but that API is deprecated, and the majority of charts use the new Google Charts JavaScript API.


Unfortunately, Portal or AGOL, does not allow us to configure HTML popups (would be a nice idea through!), so I thought I would create an off panel widget which defines the Info templates and adds the layers to the map manually.


I am having some issues:


1) Could i simply get the required web map layers, and define the required infotemplates and assign against the layer using setInfoTemplate?

2) After adding the layers locally (outside of webmap using, setting info templates, clicking on the feature nothing happens.  Even the opacity option has not been honoured.


Am I missing something??


I have followed this approach, found here: Add two dynamic maps | ArcGIS API for JavaScript :

1: { infoTemplate: _blockGroupInfoTemplate },
2: { infoTemplate: _countyCensusInfoTemplate }


Any thoughts / Guidance and pointers greatly appreciated.





p.s. I do not have the option of not using Google Charts :-/