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Innovative date and time control widget

Question asked by filipkral on Mar 2, 2015


Many our services are time enabled and we are looking for some innovative ways to allow users navigate in time. Traditional time slider or a date picker become annoying after very short time if the data has many time steps.


The best solution I have seen so far is by NASA here: EOSDIS Worldview

While the solution is on github, I have not been able to reuse it but even then I doubt we could reuse it for datasets that have, say, daily time step and range from 1860 to 2015, or 15 minute time step from 1970 to 2015. We also want to use this control on maps that mesh up data sources with different time resolutions.


I made several attempts to come up with a universal control but they all have significant drawbacks. My solutions (attached) were based on the NASA Worldview idea, on c3.js subplot (which worked really well in certain scenarios), and on calendar heatmap: Cal-HeatMap : Javascript calendar heatmap for time series data .


Please leave a comment if you know about some interesting solutions. Also, if you would be willing to collaborate on a new date time control, let me know!