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How complex can your relationships be with Collector 10.3?

Question asked by j_roberson on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by bfausel

Has anyone tried a data model similar to this in the new 10.3 update and been able to use it successfully? I'm using the Hydrant example from the blog post on the new related table functionality. I’m trying to create the following relationship model...


(Hydrants > Inspections > Violations)

(Hydrants > Inspections > Different Table)

(Hydrants > Inspections > 3rd Related Table)


I’m sticking to the 3 layers deep approach but I have 3 different related tables to the Inspections table. Has anyone tried this approach? Alternatively has anyone tried any approach like the following:


(Feature > Table A > Table D)

(Feature > Table B > Table D)

(Feature > Table C > Table D)


I'd like a good understanding of what is possible if anyone has tried these more complex relationships. Thanks in advance!