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forum for ArcGIS Desktop

Question asked by imgooch on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2020 by HMArnold

The frustration I get every time I try to use this new "forum" continues to reach new heights!  SOOOOOO difficult to use.  You come here for 2 reasons, to browse a sub-forum to help others, or to post a question into a particular sub-forum.  Both of these tasks are very difficult to do now! 


I need to ask a question regarding ArcMap or ArcGIS Desktop....and there is no "forum" for this application!!!???  It's the flagship product and I have no way to ask a question about it?  I am getting so freaking disgusted by GeoHell I don't even want to come on here anymore.   Add a **** sub-forum for this...presumably under GIS > Applications, since it doesn't fit anywhere else in this convoluted mess.