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Question asked by Test_arcgis on Feb 27, 2015
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I would like to get some information about the linux installation because i don't understand all the things. I wanted to try the c++ api to test what was possible to do with arcgis and if it was suitable for my apps. I like to point out i didn't install the sdk yet.


I only downloaded the file (that one: ArcGIS_Runtime_SDK_Qt_Linux64_1025.tar.gz). I was checking what was inside before installing. I saw the setup script, i checked it. But when i checked the other directories, in the runtimeSDKQt directory I only found DLL files and wine stuff...


Why exactly those files are there. Isn't there a native build for linux ? Are you using wine for the "porting" ? Did i miss something ?

Can you explain to me how this goes please ?


Thank you in advance !

Have a nice day !