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Web Adapter: Supporting a mix of public and private services

Question asked by cpuffalt on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by gazy

We've been trying to use ESRI's web adapter in conjunction with web-tier authentication with support for a mix of public and private services as per the documentation.  However, the documentation is rather scant on details.  We're deploying the web adapter to Tomcat/JBoss and have one adapter functioning correctly to access private services but have been unable to figure out how to configure the second web adapter appropriately to access our public services.  The documentation says:


"Once you have installed and configured the first Web Adaptor, configure it to allow anonymous access. For instructions, consult the product documentation for your web server. Clients will use this Web Adaptor to access your site's public services."


Unfortunately, no technical details are provided here.  We have configured the web adapter to allow anonymous access via Tomcat but that doesn't work.  We get HTTP 403 (security) errors back when attempting to access all the web services.  On the ArcGIS (10.1) Linux server, since we enabled Web Tier authentication the security option "Public, available to everyone" option is now disabled so it's not clear how to even configure our map services for public access!