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Collector, ArcGIS Online to Offline

Question asked by slowman_1 on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by sheridangis

Working on a Collector app so I can collect data with attached photo in the field for location and verification back in the office. 

I want to then take those photos and data collected in the field and off load them so I can put them into a Geodatabase to deliver to another party for review off-line in their office.


Created collector app, works great, as a test and I have several drop down fields the person in the field can use.


Photos are now collected and view-able online and if I load it as a service in desktop ArcGIS (Basic).  I can look at the photos one at a time.


Now I would like to download the photos for off-line use.  I have an ArcGIS BASIC license.  Not sure how to do this?  Would take any ideas.

Tried the export feature in ArcGIS Online but it does not download the photos just the data, reference to the photos and directory but these do not come down with the export.


Second part if we get this working is that I am looking for a better data collection device, Android or IOS (Apple) to run the collector app on.

Cold, Hot, Gloves, No Gloves, Photos, GPS, wind, dust, just some conditions it may be used in.