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Sync issues with Collector for ArcGIS

Question asked by stephaneribes on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by vianTerra

I have actually some issues with syncing my data. I don't like to use this word in computing but it seems to be "aleatory", and when it's occurs, it' impossible to come back on a normal sync situation.


I have two kind of errors :

- a error message on a map

- no error message and the sync it's never ends on other map


My map include :

- point feature with two fields with domains name

- line feature without attributes

- polygon feature. Where I just give permissions for editing attributes values of the existing polygons.


I have domains name on each field (except one on the polygon feature), which create automatically required fields (is that a problem?).

On collector, a field with domains is by default as a no value


The solution was to put default value on each field to avoid null values

Then I desactivated the editor tracking (Is it still useful to do that or editor tracking is now supported?)

I don't even try attachments


I followed all the advice that I read in this forum this last days, and ... I'm still having the same sync problem