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Problem with large polylines

Question asked by jnitschke on Feb 26, 2015
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Hi folks,


we are developing a C#/WPF application supporting port operations in Hamburg. We are using a GraphicsLayer to draw depth contour lines (Polyline + SimpleLineSymbol). When displaying around 10 contours containing quite huge numbers of points (30000-130000 per line), the application crashes. Further tests with a simple test application revealed that there are relatively strict limits to the number of points and polylines the SDK can handle.


Lines     Points

6           100000

2           200000

3           150000

1           1000000


Up to these limits the SDK runs rather smoothly, but when going beyond the application crashes during startup. Sadly we can simplify the lines only to a certain degree and we would like to keep the rendering on the client to be able to change the line color interactively. Any ideas? Might using a FeatureLayer improve our situation?