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Geodatabases and ArcGIS Server

Question asked by Denniska1 on Feb 25, 2015

My goal is to be able to create and share a customized interactive map. Much like the ones you see on local government websites.

Can anyone say if the following is a good strategy to accomplish this?


  • Create a PostgreSQL database, geographically enabled with PostGIS.

    Is it possible to rely entirely on ArcGIS Server to store and call up map layers without the use of database management software?

I don't yet understand the role of ArcGIS Server when enterprise databases are used. I know that ArcMap 10.2 can connect to PostgreSQL and that I may be prompted for an ArcGIS Server authorization file when using the Create/Enable Geodatabase tool in ArcMap or ArcCatalog.

  • Amazon supports hosting ArcGIS Server. What are the alternatives to using that service?