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Portal for ArcGIS: Initial Administrator Account page not opening

Question asked by jayanta.poddar Champion on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by jayanta.poddar

Hey Guys,


I am trying to install Portal for ArcGIS (PFA) 10.3.4322.1 in my laptop [HP- ZBook; Intel Core i7, 2.70 GHz; 32 GB RAM; Windows 8 Pro, x64; WORKGROUP]. No proxy configuration.


I have successfully installed ArcGIS 10.3 Server and Web adaptor 10.3, and configured ArcGIS Server with Web Adaptor.

All the required ports have been allowed through firewall. And SSL has also been bound to port 443 with a self-signed certificate.


But, soon after the installation of PFA, the Portal for ArcGIS site (https://localhost:7443/arcgis/home) is invoked, but it ends up with "Unable to connect" page. Tried replacing localhost with the Computer name. The site is not opening even from the Windows start menu. I have tried both I.E. 10 and Firefox 36.

Therefore, I am not able to define the Initial Administrator Account.


What am I missing? Please guide.