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Collector Issues: Related Tables, Attachments and Opening with ArcMap

Question asked by on Feb 24, 2015
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Thank you ESRI, this latest update has been excellent! My organization had actually been developing our own mobile app so that we could easily collect data (requiring relationships) in the field; when it was announced in 10.3, that these capabilities were being added to collector, we were very excited! That being said, I'm having a couple of issues--- I'm not sure if they are features that haven't been developed yet or if I'm doing something incorrect.


Refer to this map, it is just a test map so you can feel free to add your own features to test out the functionality:


My three tables look like this:


Restoration Projects:

     - Object ID

     - Project ID

     - Polygon Field

     - Name and a few more text fields that aren't important


Project Features:

     - Object ID

     - ProjectKey (related to Restoration Projects 'Project ID' Field)

     - Point Field

     - Date and other fields

     - Attachment


Monitoring Records:

     - Object ID

     - FeatureKey (related to Project Features 'Object ID' Field)

     - Date/comment and other fields

     - Attachment


Projects 1:M--> Project Features 1:M--> Monitoring Records


I can create ‘Projects’ in the app just fine. Displaying how many ‘Features’ a Project has in the popup works in the ArcGIS Online viewer but not Collector. In Collector, it leaves Feature Count blank.


Problem #1 - Collector seems to not show related table information correctly in popups


Creating a Feature works just as I'd hoped. You click on the Project area, go to "New" at the bottom of the pop up form and create a feature for that project. Collector smartly adds the correct ProjectKey information into that Feature so that my users do not have to know the Project ID or type it in continuously when they are creating Project Features. Everything works great here. I click view and can see my Project Feature has been added nicely and displays correctly. The problem lies in the next step, the nested related table, adding a “Monitoring Record” for that Feature. I click "New" at the bottom of the Feature, and immediately I notice that the FeatureKey is not filled in. This is a bummer since it worked so well for the Project Feature previously.


Problem #2 - My Monitoring Records do not automatically add the FeatureKey to the field


I do not want my co-workers to have to remember the FeatureKey that they are creating a Monitoring Record for (likely, they won't be able to). Oddly enough, if I leave that field blank while filling out the Monitoring Records form, the Monitoring Record is still related to the Project Feature. I'm not sure how, since that field appeared to be blank.


So I change my use back to the ArcGIS Online viewer: Project Data is correct, Feature data is correct and attachments are working, here’s the kicker--- and I cannot view the Monitoring Records attachment. (That seems to be the only problem with the Online viewer. Other than this, I'm very happy with how well that works.)


Problem #3 - I can't see attachments for my table


Next it's time to open the data in ArcMap. Online, I browse to My Content, click on my Feature Layer and select Open in ArcGIS for Desktop. It downloads a file that I click and opens up ArcMap (this is a very nice way to do this, simple and easy to use). I see my Project and Feature data. I click the Project I created and it shows the Feature relationship it has. That Feature has an attachment as well that loads via my Windows Photo Viewer. (Great!) And then I notice that my Feature does not have any Monitoring Records associated with it. I then click the "List By Source" and notice that my Monitoring Records table doesn't seem to be included with the Service.


Problem #4 - ArcGIS Online doesn't seem to attach my related table to the service given to ArcMap


Those are the issues I'm having. Sorry that was long winded, I wanted to explain my scenario thoroughly. I'm nervous writing all this as I'll probably get a response of "you did your relationship wrong," or something simple like that. But I hope I gave you guys enough information to see my problems.


Thanks again for the 10.3 release, it has some very exciting uses! If I need to attach any files for people to test out, let me know.