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Feature services support for HTML pop-ups

Question asked by WarrenMedernach on Feb 24, 2015
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Hello all,


In the following link it states:

HTML pop-ups

Feature services support HTML pop-ups configured in ArcMap. HTML pop-ups are a powerful and easy way to share HTML-formatted information about features. They work much like the Identify tool, except that the displayed information can be customized HTML. For more information about how to set up HTML pop-ups in ArcMap, see Setting HTML pop-up properties for feature layers.

I have an HTML Popup configured in a map as a URL, that is calling an aspx page and displaying a Google Chart in the HTML popup.  This is awesome and works great!  So, once I publish this layer as a service, how are these popups configured/consumed in a web map on AGOL?  IOW, how does one 'use' the HTML popup content as the feature service pop-up?


Thanks for any help.