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ArcGIS Online Feature Class Issues

Question asked by jacobperez06.13 on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by jacobperez06.13

Hello everyone. My name is Jacob Perez. I am a senior GIS student at Southern Utah University and will be graduating in May. I have been playing around with the ArcGIS online to see if it can be used by the Facilities Management here at SUU, they would like to use it for room inventory.


I started working on this project during the summer and am self taught when it comes to the ArcGIS online feature.  


So the issue I am running into is when I share feature classes of SUU Campus and open them in the ArcGIS online map none of them line up correctly. Issue_1 JPG is a screen capture of ArcMap and how the building should look. The color scheme is just to be able to see it easier. Red = Rooms, Blue = Walls, Yellow = Doors.

Issue_2 JPG shows what the end product looks like in ArcGIS online map.  


First thought would be a coordinate system or projection issue but to my knowledge everything is set up properly prior to uploading it to the server.


Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. 


Jacob Perez.