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ImageServer services as basemaps in JSAPI

Question asked by sedick01 on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by sedick01

I'm defining two basemaps in version 3.12 of the Javascript API as follows:


 esriBasemaps.kytcbase = {
                   baseMapLayers: [{ url: "" }], title: "Basemap",
                   thumbnailUrl: ""
               esriBasemaps.imagery = {
                   baseMapLayers: [{ url: "" }], title: "Imagery",
                   thumbnailUrl: ""

Both of these services have the same spatial reference. What I'm trying to do is use these in the BasemapToggle dijit. The tiled map service displays correctly but the ImageServer service doesn't draw. The error that gets returned is:


TypeError: Unable to get property '_getInfo' of undefined or null referenceTypeError: Unable to get property '_getInfo' of undefined or null reference

My question is:

  • Are ImageServer services allowed to be used as basemaps?