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How to Select By Location and Attribute?

Question asked by csurakit on Feb 23, 2015
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I have 120 individual data points (each representing a small airport) that I would like to perform the following analysis:

  1. Select a county that the airport is located in and extract a statistic from that county (e.g. income/capita).  Let’s call this County A and the statistic X.
  2. Select another county (let’s call it County B) subjected to the following constraint: County B must be intersected by a circle of the same geodesic radius as the distance between the airport in County A and a central location.
    1. The selection of County B should be based on another given statistic of County B being most similar to County A.  Let’s call this selection criteria statistic Y.  (E.g. If statistic Y is population, I would like to select the county with closest population to County A that is intersected by the circle.)
  3. Extract the names of County A, B as well as statistic X, Y for County A and B to a table.
  4. Repeat for the other rows of data (i.e. the other small airports and central locations they are paired with.)


The image below is an example of one of these situations.  The small green dot towards the right is the airport in consideration, the selected county is County A in this situation.  Thus, County B is the county that is closest to County A for a statistic Y (e.g. most similar in population) and is intersected by the geodesic circle.




I believe this is a combination of Selection by Location and Selection by Attribute.  Would Model Builder be the best approach for this problem?

Thanks ahead for the help!