Migration VB6 for use with ArcView 10

Discussion created by bugs_dany67 on Sep 8, 2010
Hello we have develop an application (appli.exe) in vb6 and use with ArcGis 9.3.1 all it's ok (There are no code in arcgis).

When a want use this application (appli.exe) with ArcView 10 , a have a error message -2147221002, licence arcgis not specified ....

If i launch this application directly to the natif code (visual basic 6), all it's ok, no error message.

For the license test a use :

      Dim pAO As IAoInitialize
        Set pAO = New AoInitialize
        If pAO.IsProductCodeAvailable(esriLicenseProductCodeArcView) = esriLicenseAvailable Then
            pAO.Initialize (esriLicenseProductCodeArcView)
            If pAO.IsProductCodeAvailable(esriLicenseProductCodeArcEditor) = esriLicenseAvailable Then
                pAO.Initialize (esriLicenseProductCodeArcEditor)
                        If pAO.IsProductCodeAvailable(esriLicenseProductCodeArcInfo) = esriLicenseAvailable Then
                            pAO.Initialize (esriLicenseProductCodeArcInfo)
                            MsgBox ("No license for ArcView, ArcEditor or ArcInfo on System Tab")
                            Exit Sub
                        End If
                    End If
                End If

Some people could help me ?

Best Regards

Bugs Dany