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Trial version limitations?

Question asked by mrlins on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by andrewsmithesriuk-esridist

Hoping to evaluate the software for a possible later company purchase, I registered with ArcGis Online. As a test I uploaded a csv file with 1000 rows, containing 3 sets of data separated by ';' (zip code;street;value) and coded as UTF-8. However, after being told that the software couldn't map 370 of the locations (map of Japan), I ended up with a mere 123 points on the layer. Is this a limitation of the trial version or something else? In order to evaluate the application I need to see how it handles big data of at least 800 points or more. The system says that it will map up to 1000 points (which I assume is a limitation of the trial version) so I'm a bit confused ...

Sorry for being such a 'newbie' but I just have to ask