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_COMPlusExceptionCode -532459699 accessing SOAP Service

Question asked by praveen.narayandas on Feb 23, 2015

Hi all,


i am aware WebADF is deprecated but we are using arcgis 10.1 and for some functionality  webADF.

In the webADF one of the sample arcgis_checkout_checkin_geodata.The sample is provided to

demonstrate Checkin Check Out Replica.


i have bulk spatail data and i want to do check in check out replication from mdb to SDE on web using geodata service.

but when i am debugging that sample at create replica method it is throwing error The Request failed with HTTP status

400:Bad Request when i check inner exception is _COMPlusExceptionCode -532459699.


kindly tell me how to release com on webADF.i am stuck here for a long time.


Thanks in advance for help.


Best regards,