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erect building and facade wizard

Question asked by mshoaib_91 on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by mshoaib_91

i have attached an image with this post and i have two questions


1 . in the image my building is not straight and it is slightly tilted or slanted becuase of the elevation. can u kindlly tell me is there any function or something which i can use so that my building is constructed erect or straight even if there is elevation or depression in the geometry (e.g. any function to construct a basement with correct height)


2. i manipulated the image using the facade wizard of city engine and u can see that the .cga rule file is applied on all the 3 faces of front side of my building. is there any way to avoid this or is there any way to just make city engine create just one face at the front side?


waiting for response