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LS factor map

Question asked by larunp on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by jayanta.poddar

I am presently working on my in-service Ph. D. project work related to sediment yield estimation through RS and GIS Techniques.

1) I wish to estimate time of concentration by " ARCHYDRO 10.2.2 TOOLS ( H & H modeling) but don't know which steps should follow and

2) I have prepared stepwise following maps in ARCGIS 10.2.2.


1. Digitization of Contour, Elevation Points and Watershed Boundary from toposheet..

2. 20 m DEM through "topo to raster" interpolation method.

3. Filled DEM

4. Flow Direction Map

5. Flow Accumulation map

6. Slope map

7. LS factor map using "Raster Calculator" and LS factor formula.


The LS factor map is prepared but the attribute table is not displayed. I don't know how to extract the LS factor values from the map. The attribute values are not displayed from DEM to LS factor map.