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Can a pro help out a newbie?

Question asked by stratemeyerjw on Feb 20, 2015
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Hello Everyone,

I am a software developer for a ground locate company (811 Call Before You Dig). I built our service call software using ASP.NET/WebForms and C# for server side code. In the field, our crew remotely connect to our system on a custom app that i built using Winforms /C#. We would like to achieve the following goals:

        • First Idea - Somehow embed arcgis within our application for seamless use.
        • Second Idea - Export our addresses and plot each stop in arcgis as well as optimize route.


We cannot use the javascript api for our technicians may not have cell service. Can anybody out there tell me which idea is best suited and maybe provide some useful links? I'm all ears.


Thanks Everyone,