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Flip-flopping service extent wreaking havoc on my apps!

Question asked by mikedmanak on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by mikedmanak

We've got some sort of haunted feature service issues that are causing our iOS runtime apps to throw extent errors when saving data.


Not sure what the issue is but for some background:

  • We have a database in WGS84 (SQL Server, SDE 10 edit: 10.2.2)
  • We are exposing that as a sync enabled feature service in Web Mercator (ArcGIS Server 10.2)


When first published the extent looks like this:


At some point things start to go haywire and when refreshing the page you'll start to see the extent switch to WGS84 like this:


You can refresh and it randomly seems to flip-flop back and forth.


At the same time we are having issues (which I think are related, maybe) with our app users reporting that a fresh database download doesn't allow them to save (our debugging reveals this to be an out-of-extent error).  The strange thing is if I restart the service (not republish, just restart) things work fine and there is a certain unknown window of time in which offline replicas can be successfully downloaded.


This issue has be haunting us across multiple apps in various forms, but we've only now been able to narrow down the symptoms enough to make any sense of it.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  Any ideas on a cause/fix?

Matt Cooper