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Data Grid Related Records Zoom

Question asked by dafiter Champion on Feb 20, 2015

In my web-app I can select a feature and open an attribute table that shows related fields.

But I cannot figure out what to add to the code to zoom to the location of a related record when I click on the table.



// DataGrid //

  //add a link to the popup that for getting related records   
        var link = domConstruct.create("a",{  
          "class": "action",   
          "id": "relatedLink",  
          "innerHTML": "Show Related Records", //text that appears in the popup for the link   
          "href": "javascript: void(0);"  
        }, query(".actionList",[0]);  

        on(link, "click", function(){  
          //Get info from the selected feature   
          var feature = map.infoWindow.getSelectedFeature();  
          var layer = feature.getLayer();  
          var OIDField = layer.objectIdField;  
          var oids = feature.attributes[OIDField];  

          //Setup the relationship query   
          var relatedQuery = new RelationshipQuery();  
          relatedQuery.outFields = ["ROUTE_1","ROUTE_2","NAME","GROUP_","LENGTH", "OBJECTID"];  
          relatedQuery.relationshipId = 0;  
          relatedQuery.objectIds = [oids];  
          //Perform the query  
          layer.queryRelatedFeatures(relatedQuery, function(relatedRecords){  
            //get the related records for the input OID. In this case there  
            //is just one object id.   
            var featureSet = relatedRecords[oids];  
            if(featureSet && featureSet.features){  
              console.log("No related records");  



function clearGrid(){  
        //clear existing grid   
            grid.set("store",new Memory({data:[]}));  
      function createTable(featureSet, info){  
        var data = [];        
        array.forEach(featureSet.features, function(r){  
        //define the columns  
        var relatedLayer = featureSet.features[0].getLayer();  
        var columns = {
        var memoryStore =  new Memory({data: data});  
        grid = new Grid({  
          columns: columns  
        grid.set("store", memoryStore); ;