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applyedits with setAttributes

Question asked by ihussein1 on Feb 20, 2015
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Hey guys, first time using applyedits so Im a little confused on the process.


I have a graphic that id like to add to a feature layer. so I have the graphic and I am able to add just the graphic to the feature layer. but the user needs to add the attributes themselves otherwise everything is pretty much null. I am trying to set attributes before the apply edits that way a lot of the attributes can be set automatically, but I get an error that says


{code: 500, message: "Unable to complete operation.", details: Array[0], log: undefined, httpCode: 500…}


Code:"click", function(evt) {
     console.log("click graphic");
     evt.graphic.setAttributes( {"OBJECTID":2312,"PARCELID":"1231233","STATUS":"RETIRED"});//test values

});   });


If I remove line 3 above (setAttributes) a dialog comes up to enter the attributes, but if I have the set attributes code I get that error. not sure I understand what the error is saying.