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Collector no longer synchronising, just 'hangs'.

Question asked by sjones98 on Feb 20, 2015
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We have been using Collector for a few weeks without any issues, however we returned to the office to sync the other day and we now cannot sync the data. When you press 'sync' the process starts but when it gets to 50% it just hangs and doesn't make any further progress. We don't see any error messages and I have even left it syncing overnight but it does not get any further than 50%.


We are using collector with ArcGIS Online with attachments (photos) and this had not been a problem until the other day. We only had 40 changes to sync and on previous days we have successfully synchronised with more edits than this.


Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions on how we can resolve this? We have an excellent wi-fi connection in the office so that isn't an issue and I have even connected to a different wi-fi and the same thing happens. We are using Collector on a Samsung Tab 4 with Android 4.2.2 and Collector version 10.3 (build 1010). I have also checked our ArcGIS Online account and this is working correctly as we are using it for other data storage and we have plenty of credits.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.