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Compiler cannot produce code for Qt 5.1.1-32

Question asked by subzero51084 on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2015 by LDanzinger-esristaff

Hi Everyone.  I recently started to use Qt as well as the ArcGIS runtime SDK and I've been having problems trying to get MyFirstMap example to run.  I did everything stated here: Install and set up on Windows—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt | ArcGIS for Developers. I installed

  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt on Windows.
  • Qt SDK 5.1.1 and Qt Creator 3.3.0
  • I installed WinDbg
  • I installed visual studio express 2013 for desktop
  • I set the prefix in the qt.conf file
  • I integrated the ArcGIS runtime SDK with Qt creator
  • I added the Qt SDK to Qt creator
  • I configured the kit I want to use


The problem is that when I try to select the compiler, I get the following error:




I know the instructions said to use Visual Studio 2012, but it was my understanding that the compiler I needed was the Visual Studio 2012 (C++ 11) compiler and the compiler in Visual Studio 2013 would still work.  Do I need to uninstall visual studio 2013 and use 2012?