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Geoprocessing Service Intermittent Error in Web AppBuilder

Question asked by crookcountygis on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by crookcountygis

We have a geoprocessing service that selects a taxlot based on a sql statement made by the user, then selects surrounding taxlots based on a distance set by the user, and finally gives a link to a downloadable excel file with taxlot data in it. See below for reference.


This usually works fine, especially right after publishing the service and bringing it into the Web App Builder. But every once in awhile it seems to randomly stop working. Seems almost consistently after it's been sitting for a few days, but then it will randomly start working again. Usually we have to republish the service to make it work right away. It's almost like it just gets bogged down from just being available for too long (which doesn't really make sense). The error logged in Arcgis Server is usually what you see below.


But I know that the syntax is valid because I always just use the default one I put in when I set it up.


Is there some maintenance I should be running on this service, or something else I'm missing that might cause this? It's becoming quite frustrating especially when we are trying to convince people to abandon ArcReader for a "better" system. This sort of garbage happens and it just gives them fuel to argue to stick with the old way of doing things.