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"Install" of Mo23rt.exe getting locked up

Question asked by RStrope on Feb 19, 2015

Hello everyone,


I have been tasked with deploying the Mo23rt.exe file with the following command line switches /JKNOR


We are deploying this on Windows 7 and above 32 and 64 bit clients


I'm currently using MDT and a application package to call the exe with the proper parameters.


However when it gets to this particular application the WISE installer progress bar gets to 98% says something about "skipping cartographic fonts" and it shows C:\Windows\Fonts\esri_9,ttf


and just stops


doesn't fail doesn't continue


As odd as it sounds if i click back and forth between the mdt calling task sequence window and the locked up install eventually it will "wake up and continue" otherwise i've left it run over night and come back to the same 98% progress bar


To be clear i know absolutely nothing about ANY of this ESRI stuff. This one little piece is part of a bigger package i am distributing for a new world systems upgrade to our site


What i DO know is enterprise level automated software deployment and this "installer" does not seem to follow ANY of what I would assume would be standard WISE installer actions aside from /X letting me extract the files


I'm getting frustrated as this is the ONLY snag in a bundle of 12+ software installs that each do their thing without a hitch


and you try communicating to 200+ users and 20+ outside agencies that they need to click back and forth to makes something install


I apologize if i'm sounding a bit snappy, I do appreciate the time anyone can take to help me out.