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10.2 Intersection Snapping appears to have a problem

Question asked by amy14 on Feb 20, 2015
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I am editing in 10.2 (ArcInfo-no service packs.)  I have been using the Split Tool on a line feature class to split where they cross a polygon feature class, using Intersection Snapping.


I have noticed two things:

1. My cursor still wants to snap to the edge of the line even though only intersection snapping is turned on (it doesn't show any snap tips for the edge)

2. If there is a vertex on either the line or polygon near the intersection, it doesn't always snap at the intersection; however, if there are no vertices near the intersection a snap tip does say intersection and it will split the line at the intersection.


I need to be able to split at exactly the intersection of the line and polygon.  (A check is ran on the data at a later time.)


Currently I found a workarond but it is not ideal: If I use map topology, select the shared node at the intersection of the line and the polygon and then use classic snapping to snap to the topology node when I split the line, it works; HOWEVER, I am trying to avoid using the more cumbersome map topology just to split a road at an intersection.


Any help is appreciated,


Amy Rose

GIS/Information Analyst



--Line and polygon feature classes are in sde

--Both are in separate datasets

--Lines participate in topology

--Spatial Index appears to be good

--Searched bugs and didn't find anything

--Tried a new ArcMap

--No basemaps

--Everything is in the same spatial reference

--Tried rebooting and walking away (several times)