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Cursor locked in Zoom Out mode. Option or bug?

Question asked by on Feb 20, 2015
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I'm working in ArcMap on a Basic license. I have two tables open in a map created from a Blank Map template yesterday. One table was created from a .CSV file (Display XY data, then Export to shapefile. Added the shapefile to the map then removed the sources). The second is a TIGER roads shapefile.


After a few minutes of work, the cursor changed to the Zoom Out tool (I didn't notice when; I may have done it). It will not change to Zoom In or Pan when I select one of them from the Tools toolbar. I can zoom in if I hold down Z, but the cursor changes back to Zoom Out when I let the key go.


I saved the map, closed ArcMap and reopened it. The cursor shows Zoom Out from the start.


Has anyone else seen this? Might there be a customization option I clicked by mistake, or is this a bug?