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Tiff picture has large border

Question asked by VE6CPU on Feb 19, 2015

Hello.  I've got a tiff of our ownership map for the county which was made in Photoshop.  I've flatten the image then saved it as a tiff.  I used Arc Toolbox to define a projection on it then load our boundary shape file.  Using the georeferencing tools I place a few points and it auto scales the tiff to the boundary and all is well.  Except when I load this tiff file in another project it has a 2 inch border.  If I want to have the image fill the entire 30x42" paper I have to drag the edge of the data frame out side of the paper area.  I do not have any borders on the original tiff file so I'm baffled as to why it has one in the data frame.


Any ideas?