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Enable SQL Access - Versioned Views

Question asked by marcb_al on Feb 19, 2015
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To give a little context on the actual situation;


- We have an enterprise GDB in which changes are made along daytime in large quanitities.

- The GDB is registered as versioned.

- The compress process is made two times in the day at 12h and 0h.


- In a parallel process, another application intends to give a report in real-time using data from an alphanumeric database.

- This application needs to retrieve the spatial data directly from SQL tables.

- Due to some active connections, the compress level never reaches level zero, so the tables in SQL don't reflect all changes made in ArcGIS.


So, my issues are the following:


- The "Enable SQL access" option in ArcCatalog is always disabled (The connection to the GDB is made with a sysadmin user in SQL)

- Is there a way to reach level zero in the compress?