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Content of draw.js Changes in Windows8 (and others?)

Question asked by infindibular on Feb 19, 2015
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I have a web mapping page running api v. 3.11 which we have tested across multiple browsers on many systems.


During the beta testing period, we received reports that the page would not load from one user group. Rather than a 404 error, the page was reporting a scripting error and would halt loading and return a blank screen. The user group reported the problem on Windows 7 desktops, but I have only been able to replicate it on Windows 8 machines (every windows 8 machine I have tried).


The most vexing part of the problem appears to be differences in the way draw.js is read (we are using drawing tools). On computers which run the page successfully, a portion of draw.js shows as:


case d.TRIANGLE:this._addShape([[0,-48],[41.56921938165306,24],[-41.56921938165306,24],[0,-48]]


On the systems which do not load, an error is raised and the same draw.js code appears as


case d.TRIANGLE:this._addShape([[0,-48],[**************************,24],[-******************************,24],[0,-48]]


Where the "*" character raises an exception. When I view source, I see the same asterisks reported.


Further, if I make a local network copy of the same page, it will load with a different set of errors (Windows 8 seems to object to a padding setting in CSS for the internet copy). Behavior is poor across multiple browsers on affected systems which leads me to believe it is not a browser issue, but rather a system/OS issue.


Does anyone have an idea as to why this is occurring? I have used 2 computers on the same network and cannot fathom why the JS representation would be altered between Windows 7 and 8, let alone different installations of Windows 7.