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Large Number of Service Area Calculations

Question asked by sanjayrana on Feb 19, 2015



I have a .NET Addon, which as part of an overall simulation involves running numerous (100,000+ but could be even many times more) service area calculations, and the output SA polygons are actually used to drive some other calculations. The facility locations remain same but the SA coverage distance and number of such coverages required per facility are varied in each simulation. At present, I refresh the SA instance every time a new simulation is run i.e. delete all the outputs and reinsert the facilities, set up various attribute fields and settings. This is much slower than I was hoping even for test cases e.g. when it is run for around 1000 times for around 3000 facilities. Are there any ways of speeding up this type of computation? My network dataset was produced from a shapefile for simplicity. Could it be little quicker to do this using a geodatabse coverage based network datasets?