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10.2.2 Patch Roll-up - not a SP, but a QIP or something else perhaps?

Question asked by aewilson on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by aewilson

OK. Given the response to Blake Terhune in "Service Pack for 10.2.2", I believe that Esri really won't release any more Service Packs after 10,2 per Asrujit SenGupta, but there is a steady precedence over time for Esri to make things simpler for their customers and release a Quality Improvement Patches, a roll-up of patches for the penultimate version after a new version of the flagship software is released.   Really, for 10.2.2, what is it now - EIGHTEEN patches!? (Yes, I think this warrants an interrobang!)


Could we leave off the semantics of "Service Pack" and "QIP" and refine the question to:

     "Will Esri roll up the existing patches and hot fixes for ArcGIS 10.2.2 into a single installation package?"


As much as I would love to Live The Dream where we could move our applications built off of ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server as fast as Esri releases new dot versions, it just doesn't happen.   Having a ream of patches (plus hot fixes!) for each new install on a computer (much less the older, half-patched installs) puts the onus on users to sort through and find the right patches.   The only sure thing that results is that, due to the number of patches and onerousness of that amount, we have an even more varied configuration than one would expect.


The alternative is for organizations to home spin "patching applications" that rumble through existing patches and hotfixes using silent install scripts.   I hope that having a vendor supplied roll up would be more complete and fail-safe than the plenitude of different backyard solutions across the customer base still using 10.2.2.


(We will not be able to shift our main use to version 10.3 until after the summer field season which means there is likely to be thousands of installs and updates in this organization between now and then.)