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Question asked by cbridges11 on Feb 18, 2015
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I was needing some help on the select by location tool. We are a utility service and I have used polygon's to outline specific service areas of our utility within my map. What I am wanting to do is have a quick way to print a map that shows just one specific service area.  What I was thinking is that I could select a particular polygon (service area), using the select by location, it selects all the layers within that service area.  I then was going to export all the selected features out to a shape file for that service area (e.g, servicearea2south.shp). I would then have individual shape files of our service areas that I could print. If figured the shape file could be easily updated this way as service points are added or removed from each area.

My problem is, within each polygon several layers are selected when doing this.  I don't think I can export several layers out at the same time or to a single shapefile.  Anyone have any suggestions on how this would work or if there is a better way to do this.