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Eratic Toolbar Behavior on Basic Template

Question asked by lisastapleton on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by lisastapleton

We have been making adjustments to our ArcGIS services during the last couple of weeks. We use the AGO basic templates for all of our applications. Sometimes the tools fall off of the toolbar, other times the tools appear but don't work. This morning for example, all of the tools are displayed but when you click them, nothing happens, the menus don't appear on the right side as they usually do. Strangely, you can see the scroll bar moving down as if the menus are being displayed. Has anyone else been seeing this behavior? Surely we don't have to open and resave our applications every time we republish our services, do we? By the way, the data displays fine. That's the odd thing - it's just the tools that aren't behaving.