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Geodata Service with 2-way Replication

Question asked by boyle.matt on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by williamw

I'm trying to setup a geodata service and use it as a means for 2-way geodatabase replication.  I don't have any problem creating the geodata service from a versioned SDE geodatabase.  However, I haven't been able to create a replica geodatabase and I'm not entirely sure why.


My goal is to publish a geodata service from a SDE gdb which other entities can use to create a 2-way replica and we can sync our edits back and as to have a common dataset for editing.  Unless I'm mistaken, this should be doable...?


I have the following questions about the workflow and was wondering if anyone has experience using a similar approach and could explain their methods?


1) When publishing the geodata service, do you use a versioned connection or a connection to the DEFAULT version?  Are there any permissions needed by the user the service is published from other than being able to edit the dataset?

2) What tool in ArcToolbox do you use to create the replica (Create Replica or Create Replica From Server)?  Or is there an alternate workflow for creating the replica through ArcMap?

3) Are there any necessary permissions within SDE that I'm overlooking?



1) SDE = 10.1

2) ArcGIS Server = 10.3

3) RDBMS = SQL Server 2008 R2


Thanks in advance!