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Responsive js template for AGS js api (not AGOL/portal)

Question asked by gwalter1 on Feb 17, 2015

I have reviewed many very nicely developed applications utilizing AGOL/Portal webmaps similar to the following: Where Are the Centers for Education Innovation? - A story map presented by Esri .


Besides the basic bootstrap/dojo tutorial, are there any current js api templates that incorporate the responsive nature (collapsing side menu) but use the ArcGIS Server REST endpoints (not webmaps from AGOL/Portal)?


I know this will require more js coding because I will have to individually build all the features that come "packaged" with a webmap.  I am hoping to use some js dijits the complete the application.  I would just like to start with a contemporary responsive js template and I really like the look of the storytelling templates for webmaps.


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