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Speed up ST Functions

Question asked by nschleifer5555 on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by nschleifer5555

We are working on migrating our existing applications from SDO_Geometry into ST_Geometry (Oracle 11g - SDE 10.2.2).

One of our applications uses an iPad to get the X, Y coordinates and locate the closest linear asset.


Our SDO sql statement was simple:

WHERE SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE ( A.AREAGEOMETRY ,mdsys.sdo_geometry(2001, 8307,

mdsys.sdo_point_type( -78.2990416, 44.29297897, NULL), NULL, NULL),  'distance=75') = 'TRUE'

The response time is 196 msecs


Attempting to duplicate the results using ST functions is a little frustrating

I have not been able to us the x, y points from the iPad at all, so I've been uisng the UTM coordinates.


I've been able to reproduce the results using the UTM coordinates but the response time is way too slow (see below)


14 secs

where sde.st_intersects (sde.st_buffer(sde.st_point(715480.6, 4907962.3, 26917), 15 ),pl.shape) = 1


11 secs

where sde.st_distance (sde.st_point(715480.6, 4907962.3, 26917),pl.shape)  < 15


9 secs

where sde.st_distance (sde.st_geometry(715480.6, 4907962.3,null,null, 26917),pl.shape)  < 15


Does anyone have any advice for how to speed the response time up?

Are these the correct sql functions? or am I missing one?


Please let me know.