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Creating a detailed route dataset

Question asked by franjcarrera on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by cycling

Hi guys!


I want to produce a dataset that displays routes from firms to customs. Specifically, I want the dataset to display which states of the USA the route passes through and the lenght of the road for each state. I have tried the OD Cost Matrix, but it does not give details about the routes. I am currently using the Closest Facility analysis but when I load the locations for Facilities and Incidents, I lose a lot of attributes from the original data, such as the number of the state (state unique identifier). This identifier is crucial because after producing the dataset I will use it to do some analysis in Stata, but loading incidents and facilities is automatically losing a lot of attributes. Any recommendations on how to keep all attributes?


I see in my route table that there are Indident and Fcility identifiers, but how could I know for all the data which is which? I mean, I have a lot of records and seeing "Facility 2" means nothing. I want to know which state is each location in and so on.


Thank you very much for your help!