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Collector 10.3 sync stalls

Question asked by ccnrm on Feb 15, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2015 by ngoorman

Hi Esri community,


Last week I installed Collector 10.3 because I updated my device to Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I was testing outside my office (download base map and feature layer) with adding features and attachments and all was working fine including syncing back to the feature service.


I downloading the area of interest (1 hr drive away) to undertake the real photo point monitoring and when I came back to the office to sync, the sync moves quickly to about 50%, but then it stalls and is just stuck there. I have 10 syncs and the 'Manage' tab in Collector is telling me the map is 35mb.The WiFi icons are still flicking at this point, so I guess something is happening? I have enabled my screen time out to be 10 minutes, but it still doesn't complete by then.


Does someone have any suggestions or can provide some assistant please?




Mark W


PS. Very happy with the 3m accuracy I was obtaining in the field.