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ClusterLayer.js popup problem

Question asked by natevatt on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by StevenHas



I am currently using the ClusterLayer.js file to create clustered points as in the example here.  I am very happy with the results within a the JavaScript Api, but I am now trying to use it within a custom widget in the Web AppBuilder.  It works almost perfectly except for one problem, the popup window closes on its own within about a second of opening it.  I can't find any errors and have done everything I can think of to single out the issue with no luck.  Has anyone experienced something similar before?


I was thinking that potentially there was an issue with between the infowindow popup and the PopupTemplate that is used in the demo, but I tried using the InfoWindow popup instead, but that didn't fix it either.


I have posted my code for the widget.js file here, however, I am currently unable to post a link because the firewall set-up that we have in our company.